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Fundraising Statement

Collecting donations is only part of Donate to Africa’s Mission. Our other priority is to raise awareness and bring attention to the numerous issues affecting Africa. Our fundraising events will help spread the word that Africa’s survival is dependent upon our help. Through our fundraising efforts and your support, we can truly make an everlasting impact.

Purchasing Merchandise

Help support our causes by purchasing exclusive merchandise from our site's store. All merchandise sales go directly to Donate to Africa. Show everyone that you wear your causes on your sleeve.

Donate to Africa

Donate to Africa is a non-profit organization. We rely on the Support of individuals like you and organizations that are committed to ensuring that the numerous causes and current disasters requiring immediate attention receive the donations and awareness needed to overcome those causes. Donate Now
Donate Now

Ways you can help?

Through your donations, you can help bring awareness to the various issues impacting Africa from Education to AIDS/HIV, Health Care, Community Development, Water, and Famine. No matter how big or small your donations, every effort matters because as we say, “It's all about helping!”

Current Disasters
South Africa flood death toll rises as government declares 33 disaster zones

South Africa Flood Death Toll Rises As Government Declares 33 Disaster Zones. Every day, Africa is ravished by AIDS, War Crimes, Famine, and Lack of an Education, leaving more families and their children afraid of what tomorrow may bring. Without homes or even water, they struggle for a better life. But with your donation you can bring a bucket of hope and necessities to their lives.